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Instructions to Candidates

1. Give your best & be competitive

2. Identify your talents and excel in that

3. Join the job whatever you get first, don’t leave the present job till you get a better one.

4. Get experience, exposure and undergo technical or soft skills

5. Be co-operative with others rather expect them to co-operative with you

6. Enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy

7. Don’t expect anything from any one

8. You are the creator & destroyer of your future & God helps those who help themselves. Be sensitive to others; avoid expressing your difficulties, problems & disgust to others.

9. Always remember if you smile, the world will smile at you and if you cry the world will cry at you the choice is yours.

10. Don’t wait for the ship to come to you, swim towards the ship and climb the success ladder.

11. Be the same ups & downs it’s the part of life.

12. Never, never, never give up, one great success may involve 99 defeats.

13. Be always grateful & thankful to others.


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