Instructions to Candidates

1. Give your best & be competitive

2. Identify your talents and excel in that

3. Join the job whatever you get first, don’t leave the present job till you get a better one.

4. Get experience, exposure and undergo technical or soft skills

5. Be co-operative with others rather expect them to co-operative with you

6. Enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy

7. Don’t expect anything from any one

8. You are the creator & destroyer of your future & God helps those who help themselves. Be sensitive to others; avoid expressing your difficulties, problems & disgust to others.

9. Always remember if you smile, the world will smile at you and if you cry the world will cry at you the choice is yours.

10. Don’t wait for the ship to come to you, swim towards the ship and climb the success ladder.

11. Be the same ups & downs it’s the part of life.

12. Never, never, never give up, one great success may involve 99 defeats.

13. Be always grateful & thankful to others.

Instructions to Family

1. Don’t force them to take up any job

2. Allow them to achieve some thing in life

3. Encourage their talents and make them excel in what ever they do either small or big

4. Spend time

5. Give them some priority & source the resources

6. Save the best in life for them to be self dependent

7. Be available to them

Instructions to Society

1. Treat them normal & equal

2. Create accessibility

3. Give some priority like Bus Seat, Train, Traffic and parking etc.,

4. Make them to involve in activities

5. Pass on the relevant information pertaining to them

6. Give them leads

7. Create Job opportunity

8. Come forward to help them in all possible ways & means

9. Expect them to do the work delegated

10. No sympathy only empathy

11. Be considerate & help, bring out the best in them

Instructions to Companies

1. Be sensitive, considerate & accommodative

2. Expect the best from them

3. Treat them normally

4. Inform about them to other colleagues

5. Pay a good salary

6. Identify & encourage their talents, kindle their dreams and help them to achieve it.

7. Show them the way to lead a successful life

8. Mould them as a role model

9. No sympathy only empathy

10. Make a difference in their life

Instructions to Job Fairs

SPECIAL JOB FAIR is a well-structured, tailor-made recruitment process is designed to suit the specific requirements of each client. Potential candidates are contacted by the most expedient means, resumes reviewed and applicants screened through a preliminary interview by competent professionals with expertise in the relevant discipline. Candidates are also tested in terms of job skills and compatible personality traits vis-à-vis the job specifications. The candidate’s dossiers are then presented to the client.

Our motto is to identify the required skills and experience, as well as to figure out the personality traits of the applicant vis-à-vis job specifications and to ensure the selection of the RIGHT PERSON for the RIGHT JOB

Due to continuing demand from the JOB SEEKERS of all categories of persons with disability regularly and in order to extend our service more professionally in an organized fashion, we have held a series of brain storming meetings with Professionals and Experts from HR, BPO & NGO sectors and come out with an solid plan of action while bridging the gap between JOB SEEKERS & JOB GIVERS. In addition to giving a professional platform and awareness about the need of hour THE JOBS for the PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED not merely mercy, we have penned and planned a serious of SPECIAL JOB FAIRS.


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