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Real fact is, many of the qualified & competitive PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED persons are un-employed, and to add to it, many of them don’t know how to reach the appropriate appointing authorities nor is the POTENTIAL EMPLOYER (who is in a position to EMPLOY them) neither or aware about them nor coming forward due to lack of information.

In this context, with an duel purpose, (1) Create the EMPLOMENT for Persons with Disability, which is the need of the hour to the EMPLOYER and (2) Source out the available jobs which is suitable to the disabled, we have set up an UNIT which is exclusively extending the service for PERSONS WITH PHYSICAL DISABILITY and plan to organize a series of SPECIAL JOB FAIRS

Instructions to Employer

1. Be sensitive, considerate & accommodative

2. Expect the best from them

3. Treat them normally

4. Inform about them to other colleagues

5. Pay a good salary

6. Identify & encourage their talents, kindle their dreams and help them to achieve it.

7. Show them the way to lead a successful life

8. Mould them as a role model

9. No sympathy only empathy

10. Make a difference in their life


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